Cozy Cushions

 Is your sofa looking a bit tired but you cant afford a new one?
How about updating with some new cushions? There are so many fantastic designs out there and I thought I would share with you a few that I have found.
The first cushion featured, goldfish mandarin was designed by Thomas Paul and is part of his
Sealife collection. The afriacan women on our 2nd cushion the Butsu Throw Pillow was also designed by Thomas Paul at and presently is retailing at 20% off. Next is a design from online company Dransfield & Ross the Nolita Pillow in aqua/rust. Down onto the 2nd row we have The Pine Cone Hill Punch Stripe pillow and the Dwellstudio Boudoir pillow owls design, both from Layla Grayce. The last cushion in this row is another design from a textured wool  felt applique from the autumn collection by Koko Company. Also from is our first cushion on the bottom line beech linen another design by Thomas Paul. The next pillow is a bit of a mystery, I cannot find where this cushion is from so would be love to get feed back from anyone that knows. Lastly from once again, we have the Pram and Pidgeon Canvas Pillow from the Luddite collection another design by Thomas Paul.

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