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After the orange theme this week I have been thinking a lot about Morrocoon style interiors & the softer shades of oranges like terracottas & peaches that they use to paint thier walls. Do you remember my post a little while back about Eastern influences & this beautiful lounge image below (just swooning over it again, this I have reserved in my ideas book). The soft peachy walls are so warm & inviting like the colour pallette's used on textured morrocoon walls. I love the warm tones of honey or soft peachy pinks that they team with rich golds, reds & blues in Morroccoon fabrics that give the feeling of luxury.
Well I have been trawling the web for more morrocoon inspired rooms & I hope you love the images that I have found as much as I do. Moroccan style interior design is a mix of European, African & Persian influences vocusing on rich coloured fabrics, textiles & rugs, as well as tiles & pottery. Sheer fabrics such as muslin create a light floaty feeling for the hot Morroccan temperatures as well as filtering in the light. Lantern's are another common feature often adding some sparkle. These are made of goat skin and are fixed on metal frames.
How beautiful is the image below, the soft peach/ terracotta painted walls create warmth & the neutral seating is brought to life with the rich fabric cushions mixed with the softer tones of the crochet cushions. A Moroccan teapot & tea glasses rest on a tray.  A classic leather pouffe is another Morroccon feature here that has fast become very popular in more contemporary styled rooms recently.

Living Room | living room ideas | image
There is abundance of pillows & cushions in Moroccan style lounges & bedrooms. In an ecclectic mix of patterns & bold colours in fabrics as well as the upholstery. The design patterns of thier rugs have Islamic and Asian influences & are also bold in colour & pattern.
The furniture of Moroccan style is mostly wooden. Table tops often have designs of tiles over them. Look at the beautifully designed Morroccoon styled garden furniture that incorporates mosiac styled tops.
Below is an image of a morroccon inspired bedroom. Honey-toned walls blend with creamy floor tiles & white bedlinen that are given some warmth & life with a vibrant red textured rug . A decorative shawl is used to add some luxury as a bedspread above the white bedlinen. A sheer panel separate's the bedroom from the dressing area.  I love the tiny wooden table that holds an over sized mirror its a cute touch although I would prefer something with drawers to hold my underwear. The mirrors used in Morroccoon interiors are framed with wood or metal.

Bedroom | bedroom ideas | image
Modern interiors can incorporate the rich hues of the upholstery & textiles with the soft honey walls, mixing the old with the new. I love the ecclectic feel of these interiors blended with some contemporary touched. The warm hues cry out to me after a decade of bland cream interiors that became popular during the boom of house sales. I say bring in some life & character to your home & the Morroccoon influences to me are a true winner.  

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  1. I love the beautiful lanterns and dreamy wall colors.The second picture is my favorite :)

  2. I'm your newest follower. Love what you're doing over here. So different and so friendly, with some very interesting ideas going on. xx's

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  4. Nice post. I'm inspired. Like the look.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I really feel the warmth and comfort from these rooms. I could totally see myself relaxing on the pillows eating some fruit!

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  7. I could totally cozy up in any of those spaces. Also, the white jars at the end are oh soooo pretty!