Create A Luxury Bedroom

Bring the luxury of a hotel style bedroom to you home with a bed of ultimate relaxation as well as sophistication. Add a stylish headboard like this smooth button-back tall headboard below that oozes luxury chic. Dress with beautiful silk cushions & a soft fur throw, a mix of textures for both comfort & style. The neutral toned wallpaper behind is subtle & classic feeling while complimenting the headboard.

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If large headboards really arent your thing or you are on a tight budget then why not add a panel of bold wallpaper behind your bed instead to create a feature wall , making the bed the focal point in an otherwise plain room. The bold wallpaper below really brings some life to the bedroom below & makes the bed stand out. The Little Greene Paint company do some beautiful bold prints that make gorgeous feature walls.

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For a more understated look opt for a canopy style bed. Four poster beds drapped with silky white fabrics create a relaxed & tranquil feel. Voiles are perfect for drapping & with soft lighting make for a very dreamy & romantic feel.

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 Image credits - House to Home

Right now stuck in the office watching the pouring rain tapping against the window I can only dream of being curled up in that first bed, snuggled in the fur throw. Wish this miserable weather would go away its July after all where is the sunshine. Its my mums 70th birthday tomorrow so please sunshine make an appearance for her special day


  1. Liking the top image, prefer muted tones for a bedroom, iv'e got a brass bed that I dearly love, not a great fan of padded headboards I must admit. Hope the sum does shine for your mum, its been pouring down here (Lincolnshire) so I was drafted in to do some DIY in the lounge, I will be putting that on the blog in a while, and what a dirty job it was! x

  2. Hoping that the skies are clear for you and your Mum.I didn't always like the padded headboards either, but they seem to be growing on me, and that particular one is lovely. Following you, gotta see what you do!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mother! I absolutely love upholstered headboards, had one made a couple of years ago. These pics are blissful, totally blissful. xx's

  4. I absolutely love upholstered headboard and the first image is naturally my favorite! And I have have a poster bed just like the third picture with the voile curtains and yes, it feels very romantic and dreamy! A good post that I can totally relate! Oh, Happy Birthday to your mom, too! Hope the weather's great tomorrow for you and your mom. :)


  5. Love the first bed and the head board is divine!
    My next bed will definitely have an upholstered head board :)
    Claudia xo

  6. I do love an upholstered headboard although I couldn't have anything more opposite to that. Mine is low and sleek and walnut. Next one will be upholstered for sure:) I sympathize with you and your weather. We haven't had a break from the rain at all this summer.

  7. Love that first photo! Great post, Sarah! One day, when my budget allows or I'm ready for a change, I'd love an upholstered headboard like that.

  8. Wow. What a great post. Love the first image here.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. i love comfy beds with great soft linens... love your images!!!!