A Step In Time

Ladders are making much more of an appearance lately as a funky alternative to shelving. Used in bathrooms as a towel rail or to display candles & fancy soaps to give a shabby chic feel. Also popular in kitchens & bedrooms too. I love the image below with the clothes hung on the ladder rungs & the carefully balanced vase & book. I think they look great in a bathroom with towels hung or folded neatly on each step with maybe a candle or two added. What do you think of these fun ideas instead of normal shelving?


  1. Not too sure really. I think you would have to have the right king of clothing to make them keep their "shabby" appearance, like vintage clothes for example. White towels on white sanded down ladders look perfect. If I put one of these in my bedroom I would just have to go and buy some antique knickers to hang on them! Just for show of course! x

  2. I especially like the first photo. They seem very cool for a rustic bathroom.