There's Something About Sophie

I have neglected my space here for sometime, when I stepped away from my business last year I lost a bit of my mojo with interiors. Along the way, Whilst working at Jan Cavelle, I stumbled across the very talented Sophie Paterson (thanks to the lovely Lucy at Lux Deco- more about Lux Deco soon)... Well Sophie's style has really got my passion ignited again. I absolutely love the soft colour palettes she chooses with her signature look of a modern twist on classic style. Her choice of accessories are something that really catch my eye & she's not afraid to use an abundance of them either. Scrumptious  choices of wallpapers, luxury fabrics & classic artwork play a key role in all her designs as well as the use of natural elements like wood & stone bowls & ornaments. I am officially stalking Sophie via Facebook & instagram, her beautiful designs are so inspiring & I have put her book on my birthday list (for anyone listening). Well let's just take a little look at some of her gorgeous work 

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Visit Sophie website 


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