Mood board inspiration - Ebony & Ivory

Theres something timeless & classic about black & white decor. Crisp white walls are everywhere right now, they are vintage classic or ultra modern. I was asked recently for some ideas for a black & white bedroom & I took my inspirations for my moodboard from Hollywood glamour for a chic, classic style. The bed I found at Layla Grayce as are the mirrored furniture. I chose a glass chandellier to compliment the furniture. Dont be afraid to mix patterns with floral with this colour pallette it adds to the drama, animal prints are another hot favourite right now. Black & white photos of loved ones or pictures of hollywood sirens are a must in creating this look. The great thing about a black & white theme is the ability to add in colour at a later date if you want to change the vibe of the room & you are not restricted to what colour you choose.

 What do you think of these monochrome bedrooms or do you prefer pops of bold colour?

Photo Source - Homes & Gardens


  1. B&W very classic look. Nice inspirational board.
    Love the last image.

  2. I love these images. I really like soothing, restful bedrooms, and the ones you've picked out are LOVELY!!!


  3. Fabulous inspirations! Those bed linens look amazing! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  4. Aw, the comment you left me made me sad. Every girl a day to be a princess. I love your site!! Thank you so much for featuring me :) That made my day.

    I agree with you, white, black, & a splash of pink makes an ultra-chic room. Audrey is the perfect inspiration.

    [ keep calm & blog on ]

  5. Thank you ladies. Oh Katy sorry that you felt sad you really didnt need to be I am very happy Neil treats me like a princess all the time Im very lucky, I kissed a few frogs before I met my prince believe me i was unlucky in love before but Neils my soul mate I dont need a piece of paper to know that :) xx

  6. The inspiration board could be framed it's so gorgeous! I love the bedroom in the last picture. I think what 'makes' the room is greenish lamp in the background.

  7. Nice inspiration board, I love the last inspiration photo...Black and white is always in style.