Summer Sun

I'm not going to lie I'm in desperate need of a sunshine holiday, I've not been away since February of last year & my week off last week with only days out planned & bad weather have not helped my yearning of a beach & hot sun. The school holidays have pretty much been a washout & I'm feeling I've missed summer entirely. Don't get me wrong I love autumn but I'm just not ready for it yet. I find myself on Pinterest looking at summer themed interiors & outdoor living. I've not sat outside enjoying some relaxation in the garden, no alfresco dining, not even a BBQ. This feels tragic. Time for summer inspiration me thinks.... 

I need this view!!! Breakfast outside staring at the rolling waves (swoon) 

And evenings chilling in the evening sunshine, reading a book & listening to the sound of the waves as they crash in the shore....

House tour

I love a house with a bit of colour & quirky items & this home certainly fits the bill, its got a real sense of fun about it. Exactly my kind of style. I'm in love with the open kitchen breakfast room with plenty of comfortable seating. I also love the way the lounge has cleverly broken up separate seating areas 

Garden Art

Love this idea of brightening a wall in the garden with artwork it certainly livens things up. It certainly has an edgy urban feel to it 

Summer house

Turning a summer house into a play house certainly keeps the mess out of the house. Imagine the fun kids can have with their very own club house/hide out/ mini home...whatever their imagination wants to make it. Hours of endless fun. 

But what about a space for mum? 
                  This would certainly be my option ..... 

Inspirational spaces

I totally adore this girls bedroom it's so pretty. I've always loved a four poster bed & the cute floral voile works beautifully. Its a soft & dreamy room but very subtle. I love the pale neutral tones here. 

Jan Cavelle Furniture Creation Journey

Well today I take you on a little trip to The Jan Cavelle Furniture Company where we take a sneaky peek around the factory to see what goes on in the process of making a piece of furniture. Jan's beautiful creations go through a process over several days of being built & spayed by dedicated craftmen, lets go see 

Day one: 
The raw materials turn up at the work shop. 

 Day 2 

The wood is now being cut at an angle to create more surface area to secure the boards together. 

Day 3 

rebate is being cut along the edge of of backboard with a spindle moulder 

 Day 4 

excess wood is being used in the wood burner, ensuring the make best use of 

Day 5 

skilled craftsman are gluing boards together to create the carcass 

Day 6 

the doors are being screwed on and then they'll be removed for spraying 

Day 7 

 Spraying is a delicate process, a fleck of dust could ruin the black ash finish 

 Day 8 

it is now being denibbed using 400 grit (400 grains of sand per sq cm) sandpaper, To make the piece smooth

Day 9 

complete and ready to be sent to despatch the Olivier base unit.