Create Your Own Wall Art

If your decorating but on a budget how about creating some of your own wall art. It takes a little bit of patience and creativity but is less damage to the purse. Crafts have become more popular over the years and not just for those that dont have much to spend. The personal touch is taking over the pages of interior decorating magazines. I wanted to put together some wall art with leaves but unfortunatly I am holed up under a blanket with the flu. So instead I have sat snuggled under my furry blanket with my laptop scanning Utube for some tutorials on wall art. I found this clip made by Helen Fawcett from fabric store Wizbang in San Francisco. Armed with a stapple gun she shows us how to stretch some fabric over an old cork board, its the same principle as using a canvas board. The good thing about using fabric to make art work is that you can match material for scatter cushions or throws to tie the room in together. You can also make art work with left over wallpaper to match in with accent walls. Once I have beaten this pesky flu bug I will share some of my own pieces of art. Hope you enjoy the tutorial

Fabric Wall Art - CRAFT Video Podcast


  1. Thanks Sharne hope your better yourself, I really love autumn shame about all the colds & flu bugs that come with it. As long as Im back to health for my birthday on Monday. Have a great weekend