Italian Dream

Good morning thought I would share some plans and mood boards I have put together recently for a clients  kitchen/ family room for her Italian holiday home.
(We can all dream of a second home in romantic Italy cant we)
The client was looking for a streamlined and simple look and liked the contemporary look of high gloss laminate for her open plan kitchen.

The hidden handle of the Integrata door from Lubina's Second Nature range creates perfect flowing lines.
The kitchens tone is set by the subdued pallette of the cabinets which is followed through with a variation of hues from the white brick affect tiles to the grey stone floor tiles and the cool blue painted walls, for an understated look.

The warm tones of the Iroko wood block worktops balance and soften the overall look and feel as a contrast to the shiny surfaces of the laminate doors, tiles and appliances.

The kitchen is practicle yet simple. Pull out larder units are used to maximize storage and there are open shelves to house appliances that need to be close to hand but set off the worktops to leave them clear and clutter free. The island unit houses a hob unit with pan drawers beneath to access cooking utensils easily. Pull out units, spice drawers and a wine cooler also feature. The kitchen has everything close to hand yet the look is minamalistic.


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