Planning a new kitchen?

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms of the house to renovate. This could be due to the fact that they are the rooms that add the most value to your home. Did you know a new kitchen could boost the value of your house by up to 10%. That’s a big boost for anyone trying to sell their home in the present climate and it’s also the first thing a potential buyer will look at. But even if you are not planning on selling and just want to update a tired kitchen with a facelift it’s still a good investment.

You generally spend a lot of time in your kitchen and its known to be the heart of the home. In recent years kitchen -diners have become more & more popular, maybe due to the growing amount of cooking programmes on the television. Thanks to the likes of Jamie Oliver and programmes like Come Dine With Me, a kitchen is no longer just a room to prepare food but somewhere to entertain as well.

Consider the design of your home when chosing your kitchen style, try and keep with the general thyme of the rest of your home.  Whether you are looking for a contemporary or a traditional design there is much to consider when planning your new kitchen. Firstly think about what works really well in your present kitchen and what you want from your space. Kitchen designers work on the basis of the 'work triangle' this is the flow and space between the sink, fridge and cooker. All three need to be excessable to each other easily to help the kitchen work productively. Look through magazines for ideas and visit showrooms. There are many storage solutions from pullouts to sink accessories and its good to see for yourself how they work.

Pan drawers are an alternative to cupboards and work fantasticaly under a hob. I think the combination of a hob above pan drawers and a separate wall oven work much better than a free standing oven/hob. Pots and pans are completely at hand below the cooking work station and are much easier to get to when in pan drawers than in standard cupboards where you have to route around. I also feel a wall oven is less harrassement than bending down to the floor to lift out hot dishes straight from a free standing appliance.

 900 high tall wall units instead of the standard 720 high are also a fantastic idea for utilizing the most of your space, taking the storage space closer to the ceiling rather than the empty space above collecting dust. However check the height of your ceiling as this is not an option for everyone.
There are different benefits depending on your choice of cabinetry, for instance wood doors are traditional and cozy  looking as well as hard wearing. Laminate doors are very simple to clean and come in many ranges of colours and style whether flat slab, shaker, gloss or matt the choice is lamost endless. If you want more of an industrial look try stainless steel although over time it will scratch and tends to show up finger marks. Whatever your personal style may be there is a kitchen out there to suit everyone's taste.  Second Nature kitchens top my list, take a look some of the ranges they have to offer at either
Happy hunting.
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