cabin home

Paul and Jeanne Mosely share thier family cabin home with Country Living, take a sneak peak at thier fabulous home.
I love the antique shop styling of thier home its so cosy and inviting. You cant beat an open fireplace for a feeling of comfort and this stone fireplace is a real statement. The contrast of the cream covered sofas with the country feel checked pillows against the cosy leather armchair adds some interest.

The guest bedroom is styled  with a taste of country living with a plaid blanket across an iron bed. I love that they have sprayed thier old sports equipment white and hung it as art work.
 The kids room follows the theme with their iron beds covered with wool blankets. The antique table and vintage lamp are a nice touch but what I really love about this room is the walls adorned with paint by numbers artwork, its very origional.

 Stacking chairs are a contemorary twist to this dining table that is dressed with a country style checked table cloth.
The study area has a marble counter top from bakery used as a desk top, the hickery chair adds a nice touch to this area, somewhere to chill with a book maybe.

(sources- Country Living)


  1. Darling Sarah, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment!
    You're always welcome, and hope to see you again!
    Have a good day

  2. Hi gorgeous Sarah,

    I love this house. So cooooool!

    But I'm always torn with white walls. I love the look in magazines but I've yet to see a house in 'real' life with white walls that I really love. It's a tricky one.