Ecclectic living

Do you love this ecclectic living room or do you find it all a bit too busy?
I'm not sure about this whole look myself, although there is some great pieces in this room I'm still undecided on the finished look. I really like the chunky mirror and I think the chandeleir is gorgeous. There is an array of different colours in this room and I am guesing the pillows were the starting point here with its black, pink, cream and green being picked up around the rest of the room. Im not sure about the cream curtains, they some how dont feel quite right to me. What do you think?

(sources- Livingetc)


  1. Think your right - lot's going on! Then again, to each his own...I say it's okay to buy what you love & surround yourself with what you think is beautiful - always makes one feel cozy.

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