Cute Chair Ideas

Thanks for the feed back on the chairs. I quite like the idea of the courdroy as it would ware well but I am still undecided & open to ideas. I had been thinking about using a patterned fabric but I rather like the bright block colour of these yellow chairs that I found over on Elle Decor. I think I am definatley going to be painting the wood work white though. I love these chairs they are so fresh & cheerful. I shall be collecting some ideas over the coming weeks & put them to you as would love your feed back. Its a special chair Im updating after all so want to get it right. What do you think?


  1. I love the bright yellow fabric! Sarah, I'll reply to your question here, I hope that's all right since I couldn't reply because your email isn't visible in comments. I'm not sure you can get the magazine in the UK. Maybe at a book store that carries foreign magazines, but I'm not even sure you'll find it there. I wish they sold it elsewhere, but they seem to only sell it in the US, I don't even think it's available to the Canadians...sorry, but thanks for asking.

    Kat :)

  2. LOVE the idea of these yellow chairs...that Elle decor pic is amazing!