Kirstie's Homemade Home

I didnt get to see the whole series of Kirsties Homemade home as I came in virtually towards the end & was completely miffed that I hadnt known about the series earlier as I really enjoyed the episodes I did see. So when I saw her book on the stand at WHSmiths it found its way into my hands & onto the cash desk! well a girls aloud to treat herself every now & again hasnt she & its kind of for work purposes, really!

There is some great ideas in there on all things homemade (as you may have already guessed from the title) from pillow making to glass blowing. Its a really inspiring read I totally recommend it, its over on Amazon at a fraction of the price of what I paid (grrrr I should have been more patient).
Its got me thinking (yes my little brain does use battery power sometimes) about all the fabulous blogs I read with home made homewares. I have blogged a couple of times on the lovely Erin McCathy over on the smallest sparrow with all her fabulous crafty ideas. Theres been some great ideas also from Bellas Rose Cottage & Fishtail Cottage. I also discovered a fabulous blog the other day called savvysouternstyle with some fabulous furniture makeovers.Well between you all & a bit of Kirsties homemade homes its got me thinking about a few projects I would like to try out & maybe a little link party is on the cards (if I can work out all this linked in this space the cogs are turning in my little brain, dangerous I know. Anyway I hope lots of you would like to join in & share your fabulous handy work :)

Shirt Pillow from Smallest Sparrow



  1. How cute is that it!!

  2. Your Kirsties homemade home collections are very nice.I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently.