A lick of paint

Spending money decorating a house you are leaving behind may feel frustrating but it could potentially stop your house sitting on the market for a long period of time or getting much less than the asking price. You need to make the house appealing to potential buyers & forget about your personal taste as buyers want to be able to visualize themselves within the space. The easiest & most affordable way to update any home is with paint.

A lick of paint  can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Neutral colours are very popular for properties for sale as they are easy colours to live with and a perfect blank canvas. As well as creating a calm, relaxed atmosphere they are also ageless. Light neutral colours also give the illusion of a room being more spacious. White is a hugely popular colour right now for many homes including those not even considering going on the market. White walls & white furniture is very vintage & is gracing many a magazine or blog page presently.
beach cottage balloons bedrrom anthropologie quilt
photo care of Sarah at beech cottage
 But not everything has to be magnolia or white when home styling for sale. White & cream are a blank airy canvas but you can team them with warm neutrals such as brown, tan and beige which also create a welcoming feeling & add a bit more interest to a room. Always paint ceilings first & go for a lighter colour than the walls painting from the picture rail up. Don’t forget the interior woodwork. Choose Eggshell or Gloss & pick in a hue that compliments the colours you have for the walls, its not all about white gloss. The Little Green Paint Company do a very handy Colour scales card to help match tones.

sources country living - stone walls teamed with warm neutrals
If your not looking to sell but just revamp you can allow to be a bit more adventerous. You could consider going for a two-tone scheme by painting an accent wall to make a room a little more interesting. For example a fireplace would make a great accent wall as the fireplace would become the focal point of the room. The same could be said for a window wall to make the blinds or curtains stand out. Think about what the most interesting focal point of the room is & work from this. You dont have to stick to neutrals, pop some personality into your home. If your personality is bold go with bright colours to express that, matching in with wallpapers with bright prints.
sourced from livingetc
Ok so this is very adventerous painting giant circles on the walls but I love the choice of nude pinks & soft greys here and its a fun look isnt it!!

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  1. They look gorgeous - with or without the color. Although it looks so much better with the color. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx