Colour inspired with peaches & cream

I found this picture recently over on blogpage bijou & boheme & just completely adored it. Check out the clever lighting it reminds me of lots of bubbles, like the ones you blow through a small hoop on a stick as a child. The soft pinks, peaches, creams & gold tones to this room are gorgeous especially complimeted against the crisp white, its such a pretty space. I would love to know more about this room & where it is.

The peach & caramel colour pallette on this bedroom I found on Elle Decor is again complimented by the crisp white walls & pillows. Its such a soft & dreamy combination, totally perfect for a bedroom. I love the tripod floor lamp.

The neutral brown & beige tones in this bedroom look so inviting with the pops of orange & the warm oak furniture. Its a very cosy looking room. The chairs look a great place to relax & unwind with a book. All thats needed in this picture is a roaring open fire.


  1. Oh I adore these images. I am designing my sisters wedding right now and its lots of apricots, oranges, peaches and cream. Oh and a bit of blue.

    Such a happy color!

  2. LOVE the lights in the 1st pic and the headboard on the last is STUNNING!

  3. These are lovely colors! And that bed looks amazing! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  4. Love this color combination! And I adore that last cozy!!