Rule Britaina

Good morning spring at last hurray!!
I found this fabulous furniture makeover over on the Miss Mustard Seed blog page and after my weekend away in london Im still very much in a very British themed mood so it felt very apt to share this union jack cabinet with you. I totally love it, I would like to give something like this ago for my son Josephs bedroom, he has a very British theme going on with union jacks, mini coopers & mopeds taking home in his room.

Blog hop over now to for a tutorial on how she updated this piece of furniture its definatly worth a browse.

Pillows below can be found on Allmodern & Etsy
Union jack pillow with leather chair are from Amazon



  1. Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm in love with the Union Jack flag right now. So graphic and classic.

  2. Thanks for this post!! The Union Jack flag will forever be my fave!! Even in neutral colors :)