Eastern Influence

 I fell in love with this house when I saw it featured on House to Home this week. I adore the ecclectitc style with a mix of country & retro influences, its my idea of a perfect home since my taste is such a mix between the two. (I hate it when people ask me to choose between tastes I really cant I like to mix things up a bit). I love the comfortable feel of country living with mixed floral textiles its so homely & the eastern influence adds to the charm. Both tastes of country & eastern living play around with textures & fun fabrics & I love to see a mix of fun florals & with a few homemade cushions thrown in. The painted walls to this lounge have a warm morrocoon feel to them & the fun fabrics bring to life the white sofa. This room is utterly gorgeous. Its soft & cosy feeling & the beautiful chandelier & wall lighting add a touch of glamour.
These shelves cleverly built into an alcove in the corner of the room are given some character with a frame thats actually a reclaimed wood carving from India. The rose fairy lights add to the charm. (Say what you like about fairy lights but I personaly love the soft glow they give). This is a perfect place to display things from photos & ornaments to books & with the pink damask chair postioned right next to it I'd say its a great place to chill out & read a book. (Maybe a fairy story for the kids, with the soft glow of fairy lights its all about the mood setting)
This light & airy dinning room mixes retro & ecclectic with white walls & pale wood flooring teamed with the soft curtains & the stunning leaf design floor lamp. The retro low cabinet & glass table & chairs give this small room the illusion of more space than there actually is. This room is contemporary but with a soft finish that helps it blend into the vibe of the rest of the house. Theres some cute touches to this room that make me swoon slightly, the sheer blind at the backdoor & the pink glass vase & the lamp is amazing. 
  I really love this Eastern feeling bedroom, the unpainted plastered walls are simple yet earthy & are a fantastic base for a room with many mixes of different coloured & textured fabrics. The glass trinkets on the bedside cabinet add some fun sparkle into the room. The bed is incredibly inviting dont you think?
 The exotic wood wardrobe is gorgeous, its bespoke hand carved details stand out stunningly against the light walls. Dark wood is by far my favourite & styled properly as it is here is far from over powering in a room. These pictures are definatley for my scrapbook, I feel totally excited once again with the thought of moving house there is so very much I have planned when we eventually find are family home. This would be a perfect setting for me but what fun would that be if I moved in & it was already done for me hey! My own stamp & twist on these ideas are what makes a home a home after all. Love this house, yes I certainly do thank you.

Have a great weekend all, lets hope the sunshine thats teased us this weekend hangs around :)


  1. Hi Sarah, Forgive me for not stopping over sooner. Actually I did the other day but was rushed and didn't leave a comment. I was reading the post about your move. I hope by now you are feeling nothing but excitement!
    I also love the no constraints eclectic style, I'm especially loving that pink damask chair! Have a great weekend :)

  2. oh my goodness, this home is so charming!

  3. What a beautiful post! The images are almost as lovely as your commentaries. You are a fabulous writer. I am so inspired by your words! I loved hearing about your furry friend. Since I don't have any kids, taking care of a puppy is alot of work for me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  4. ooh..lovely rooms! thanks for popping by my blog!

  5. I never think to use this design style but I love it here!