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 Blue Colors

All this talk of the sea & all thats neutical has left me feeling very blue....... ok that was corny I know, so lets move swiftly on! The cool & calming tones of blue are natural colours from the pale blue of the sky to the deepest blue of the sea. Mixing dark blue/navy with white like the image below gives the fresh, crisp, and nautical feel that I've been blogging about this week.

In some cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, believed to bring peace or to keep away bad spirits. Deep royal blue is said to convey richness, to say someone is blueblooded means that they are of noble birth or even royalty. It is also said that blue represents love (as in something blue for a bride) but it can also be said to represent sadness & depression & in Iran it is known as the colour of mourning. The meaning of singing the blues in music is about melancholy words. Whether you love the pale tones of blue for a fresh vibe or pops of bright electric blue to bring a bit of fun to another colour pallette, blue is a colour you can use all year round. As I have already mentioned blue is a favourite for a neutical summer theme when its teamed with white but you can add pale blues with other pastles to make a spring look. Add a touch of blue to a hot firey red or vibrant orange colour pallette to cool things down. I love to mix it with soft browns, beiges or tans for a soft colour pallette.  I love aquas & duck egg blues mixed with earthy tones. But these neatical images have got me wanting to pack my bikini & jet off somewhere hot with clear blues skies & deep blue sea.

Image source- House Beautiful

Image source- House Beautiful

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  1. Fabulous! Love the blues! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx