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 The entrance hall is often a place that in the home that is overlooked when it comes to decoration- but in reality, the small space speaks volumes to visitors, and ultimately hints as to what the rest of your home holds.
It’s so easy to bustle through the door when you get in from work and in my case, kick off my shoes, dump my bag on the floor, and throw the coat over the banister. When there’s more than one person living in the house, if we all act like that come home time, the hallway just ends up looking a mess.
So what can be done to make this underrated space more distinguished? Try using a huge mirror to deflect the sense of a claustrophobic or small space, the reflections of the mirror opens up the hallway giving a light and airy feel. Or, as an alternative, a column of art provides a talking point when someone steps through the door.
An extraverted floor always looks good. Victorian house often have beautiful tiles hidden beneath carpets, and black and white tiling really stands out against all-white walls.
An entrance table provides a focal point when you step through the door, but choose the table to suit the amount of space to avoid it looking too cramped. A chest of drawers provides a place for storage if you are lacking it other rooms, whilst a Demilune table is perfect for tight spots and gives a formal feel.
A bench offers a perch to drop off those items as soon as you enter and creates a homely, country feel. Add hooks above the bench for coats and dog leads, and if there is space below the bench, line up wellies and shoes. Alternatively, you can add wicker boxes or baskets underneath the bench for storage if you lack a coat closet.
The entrance hallway is where first impressions are made, so it is important to set a pleasant atmosphere. Create a fresh scent using candles or incense and put a vase of flowers on top of a table. Lighting defines a mood, so use a soft lamp or dimmers to create a sensual, warm feel.

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  1. Great ideas. We are in the process of sprucing up our side entry with paint and a black and white tile floor. I also like the idea of using artwork and mirrors.

  2. I love looking at the walls and floors of a hallway. I especially love walls that showcases lovely artworks and floors with interesting design or simple ones that uses wood.
    Thanks for the tips.