A Tranquil Escape

Ok so my week hasnt exactly gone well so far. As well as being full of a heavy cold & feeling pretty pants quite frankly. With so much packing to do with the house move which has been stressful enough my boiler decided to pack up days before the big move itself (rather infuriating considering the same thing happened back in February & I paid out a fair stash of cash back then on a new circuit board). If this wasnt enough yesterday I came into work to find out my bathroom suppliers had gone into liquidation & my bathroom order for next week isnt going to arrive. Thankfully with a mad panic a new distributor has luckily been found in the nick of time. You could say I am a girl close to the edge right now. Amid a house of boxes on the brink of being moved this weekend & still unsure of the fate of my boiler situation, I have the Furniture bank charity turning up in a couple of hours to take away some of the items that wont be making the move which will leave my house feeling rather empty. I woke up this morning for the last ever time in this house & I am slightly emotional at the move but excited about a new beginning. I would quite happily fast forward to next week when it is all over. I would like to completely escape right now & when I saw this image over on http://oliveaux.blogspot.com/ of this 300 year old palace courtyard, I thought this is were I want to be relaxing & unwinding.                
Oh well a girl can dream cant she. But for now I am not a girl to be beaten, armed with lemsip & some vicks inhaler I say 'BRING IT ON' 
I probably wont be posting for a few days with so much going on but the lovely Hannah from The writing Branch will be kindly stopping by with another fabulous post.  Hopefully things we will be back to normal for me next week. Have a great weekend all x


  1. OH MY GOD - breathe taking - talk about a DREAM - i'm in heaven just staring at this picture!!!!!

    *kiss kiss*

    Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~

  2. Heavenly! It's breath-taking! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx