Cool Small Spaces

Space-saving pod bedroom | Bedroom furniture | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetohome
This cute narrow boot bed proves space isnt everything. They have utilized the space beneath the bed as handy storage for clothes etc. A beautifully sculpted stepladder leads up to the bed, built into the framework with a double mattress that snuggly fits into the bow of the narrowboat. The walls around the bed area are cushioned with padded red leatherette & the small porthole draws natural light into the space yet allows for privacy
Small boat pod bedroom | Bedroom furniture | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetohome
house to home
Heres a couple more cool small places, a place to snuggle down & somewhere cosy to read, proving small doesnt have to be cramped.


  1. Ooh, these look so cozy read a book or take a nap. Yum! XOL

  2. The bed one is a bit too enclosed for me, but the reading one and the window seat are very inviting. x

  3. These are certainly interesting cozy spaces. A great place to read!

  4. Lovely and beautiful indeed. The top image with the combination of red leather and wood is very beautiful.

    Have a happy weekend.

  5. Love Love the window seat with Books in it.
    Just lovely ..

  6. I really love small nooks like these. It feels very cozy and inviting.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!