Tranquil Tease

Morning peeps! Ok so just as you thought I had stopped chattering on about alfresco dining I post another out door image. I appologise but I just adored this picture. I just want to be there right now (can you tell I am rather feed up with the unreliable & miserable British weather?).
 But isnt it such a lush space, so traquill & heavenly & well .....gorgeously pink.

I looooove the drapes, I am sorry I will stop drawling now. I am thinking its about time I booked my flights to Florida. I am jettting out to visit my sisiter in law in Orlando in October & quite frankly it cant come round quick enough. Along with the obvious days out at the parks I also cant wait for some days lounged around her pool in my bikini & quite honestly just chillaxing. Things are busy right now (as always) with a new faze of my business coming together for my online accessories boutique as an addiction to the showroom. What with starting the business only 8 months ago & moving house I feel like my feet havnt touched the ground & am in need of a rest so excuse my constant blabbering on about warmer climates but i just cant help day dreaming. As for the new faze of my business just watch this space my blogging friends.


  1. oooooooooh gorgeous image! I love drapes too... the layers and softness!

    xo, LRT

  2. Love a girly weekend there.

  3. WOW!!! Seriously you just knocked my socks off! What an absolutely gorgeous space. I could spend my entire summer there :) xoxo

  4. its soooo cute:) id like to be there:) and im suprised beacause usually i dont like pink with white in interiors or spaces but this is really beautiful:)

    thank you for your comment, you've got very inspiring me blog so i follow you:)

  5. Sarah,

    Amazing space. I so much wish I were in a place like that right now. It's going to be 95 degrees in NY. God help us!


  6. Holy cow! This is truly amazing. What an energizing an joyful space!!

  7. Thanks for the visit and your sweet compliments today!!

    xoxo Laura