Bath Like A Millionaire

This tranquil haven is part of a $3 Million mansion just take a loving look at the gorgeous marble tiled floors and walls. There is certainly no being squashed in this spacious walk-in shower cubicle is there?. You often see two sinks beside each other but here the basin units are opposite each other instead working as two completely separate spaces.

The bath sits at the far end of the room in its own little alcove. The over sized shells work well in this spacious bathroom but I would personally use the deep ledge space around the bath for lots of candles for complete relaxation. This is a simply beautiful bathroom I just need $3 Million to achieve it.........


  1. Have to admit although it cost a fortune it looks a bit impersonal, because of its size. I personally love the claw foot baths, tried to get one for our bathroom but its a funny size and the smaller baths actually cost more so had to stick with plain same old normal looking white bath, as we had to do the renovation on a tight budget! x

  2. I love those ginormous shells, I would have shells and candles probably make some interesting shapes on the walls esp if candles inside the shells, what are the big round light shades made of do you know?