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Its Monday once again & welcome  to the lovely Joanne from House Of Fabulous Finds with her Monday series especially for us, lets see what finds she has for us this week....

If I had a choice of bathroom then this would be it, it's so modern isn't it. I was so surprised when I saw where it comes from......wait for it......Tesco's!!!!!!  Yes, the Valencia suite is available from the Tesco finest bathrooms range and is the ultimate luxury.  It has a free flowing Italian designed waste to give it that ultimate designer look.  I think the bath in this suite is the bathroom statement it's so lush and I have always thought how smart and crisp they look. The freestanding bath is contemporary and does make a great focal point in any bathroom, if indeed you have the space.  Looks great with the dark wooden flooring and the clean crisp white walls which makes it look super clean and modern.  Accessorize with chrome fixtures and keep as minimal as possible and  you will have a fantastic style bathroom.  Tesco's......every little helps!!!

Living House are a UK online suppliers of a large collection of bathrooms, toilets and bathroom suites which I have found these amazing shaped loo and bday.  This nouveau white wall hung toilet is manufactured in Italy and has such individual style which cannot fail to impress dont you agree, so modern and chic!!.
I love the unusual style which would look great in a bathroom preferably minimal as possible.  They might be a bit pricey but hey you'd have the best looking loo in the street!!
£530.00 with matching bday.

The above dresser is from one of my favourite shops, The White Company, obviously alot of it is white and crisp and clean and ultra luxurious and so special.  This piece is beautifully sleek and has matching accessories to set off it's own prestine look, it costs £895.00. I think a massive white fluffy rug under this would be so snug underneath, you'll never want to leave your dresser! The White Company is available online and has many store's around the country, once a visit I can gurantee you'll go back for more.....It's contagious xx

Recently I have been away camping and have visited some lovely shops in Southwold Suffolk.  It's a lovely beach boutique called Runaway Coast and was launched in 2009 and has a wonderful range of coastal inspired designs especially for the bathroom.  I especially loved the jar above of sea breeze sea salt scrub, it's lovely presented jar would look fab on a shelf in any bathroom or just around the bath itself. have a look at their website and see how many luvlies they have, I hope you like it as much as I did, I just kept going back in for a browse!.  Read below what the owners have written about this item.

Our Sea Salt Scrub was bought by one of our female customers as a treat for herself, and when her husband came down saying he'd just experienced the most relaxing bath ever, she felt compelled to tell us it was because of our product. 
Each pretty jar with traditional opening, is filled with a sea salt scrub which sits in a layer of nourishing oils.
Simply scoop a little in your hand, rub over your body and as you rinse it off, it will leave your skin feeling smoother and more nourished than you would ever imagine.
Smells delicious too! So if you know someone or just fancy a Friday night in pampering yourself, this might be the answer...
Made with care, especially for Runaway Coast, in Britain. Each product is created by hand from wild plants and flowers native to the British Isles. Relax and enjoy. Each jar is 350ml.

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  1. This is from Tesco? The price isnt bad either, I think you would have to have a fair size bathroom to appreciate it. The sea salt scrub sounds a dream, lovely post xx

  2. I had to blink a couple of times to make sure I was reading the name correctly - Tesco?! It's fabulous!