Kitchen Swooning

I thought today we would have a little nose around some swoon worthy kitchens starting with this beautifully put together traditional style kitchen below. Where to start it has some gorgeous finishing touches. I absolutley love the light fixtures they are a bold yet classy statement. Often in kitchens light fittings are over looked & forgotten about. Yes the most important aspect of lighting is how functional it is & how much light it over all brings to the room but it also needs to look good to compliment the cabinetry. Another feature that caught my eye in this image was the beautiful wallpaper, again very bold but still classic with a modern twist.  The dark contrasting worktops really finish this design for me.

Photo by Elizabeth Gilbert
The island here is magnificent, the beautiful piece of granite must have weighed tonne & been hard work for the fitters to put in. But it looks amazing & theres plenty of room to be preparing a meal while guests sit comfortably chatting with a glass of wine. I do love the brick work feature around the range area it makes it feel very traditional & homely but in a modern way.

Photo by Andreas Trauttmansdorff
The colour pallette in this kitchen is beautiful very warm & inviting. The mix of colours with the cabinatry works well & stops it feeling to dark. I completely adore the lighting.  Again the chimney around the range cooker is very traditional feeling & plenty of working space with the island unit & the addition of the beautiful wood block table. The brick affect tiles are another winner with me, this is very much a kitchen I could see myself in.

Gorgeous rich play of textures and woods, Downsview
A more contemporary feel here for my next swoon worthy kitchen. I like that they have revealed some bare brick as a feature it brings some warmth to this otherwise pretty cold feeling space. The contrasting wall cupboards also give this kitchen a little character.
image via blogpage Design Addict mum

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  1. I really love those islands with the wood countertop in the first kitchen. That Fornasetti wallpaper is absolutely swoon worthy, too!

    I just went over to formspring and I think we have something in common. One of my fears is my son grows up too fast, too. And I also love reading Enid Blyton's book when I was a kid!


  2. All the kitchens are amazing here. But my fave is the last one. Love the white tiles.

  3. Beautiful kitchens :)

  4. This kitchen(1st image) is an interior design masterpiece!
    Great attention to details, everything fits perfectly. Classic yet a bit edgy :)
    Have a nice weekend :)

  5. How splendid! These kitchens are amazing! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  6. Oooh, GORGEOUS!! And that 'Don't Panic' wall caught my eye through the doorway. So quirky and cool!!