Earthy Autumn Country Style

Country living room with plaid accents | Living room design | Plaid armchair | Image | Housetohome
Yes I am still thinking of warming open fires & cozy throws for the sofa amidst a sea of cushions. Hey I know its only September but the temperature here has really dropped  & its not helped that I am full of cold so cut me some slack with the Autumn themed images. The weather is cooler than usual for September, high winds & rain. When I got home yesterday part of the tree on the green infront of our house was sitting in our front garden. The winds are so strong we are lucky the tree hasnt come through a window.  I noticed that the leaves are changing colour already, I wasnt expecting it just yet but I cant wait to see trees full of beautiful colour. I am feeling chilly & yearning to be snuggled in front of an open fire. You may have guest by now we do not have an open fire hence the obssession. This is something that is on my checklist for our next move. We are presently house hunting, you may remember I sold my own house & moved in with my partner back in May & we are now searching for a family home to buy together. I cant wait for the chance to be let loose with a paint brush again, I am presently banned from attacking the walls in our house. I am twitching with nervousness I tell you. Any way back to this charming country living room with it earthy-toned carpet, the comfortable looking plaid wing chair and leather chesterfield sofa. This is a cozy looking room alright. I love the combination of yellow & brown such gorgeous warm colours. I adore the colours of Autumn, watching the leaves change, reds, yellows, browns & oranges. Earthy & warm. Its no wonder we want to incorparate these gorgeous colours into our homes. When the weather is cold outside we need to see warm colours around us & feel the warmth of cozy blankets. Its all about colour & texture for me. Bring on masses of cushions & cover everything with throws is what I say.

Changing seasons can be captured in unique textures and colors of shrubs


  1. That to me is the perfect "stress buster" room, just perfect. We put a cast iron fireplace in our lounge, but we cant use it as an open fire because of wood timbers near the top of the chimney, fire hazard! But this Christmas it will be lit with tiny bulbs to give a welcome glow (I hope) :)

  2. I love to sit by the fire inside when the weather is chilly :)Such a comforting feeling

  3. I love the cosy look of this room, the colours tie in well together!


  4. This image sums up a perfect day inside the home during colder days. It looks warm, cozy and inviting!

    Thanks for answering my questions in Formspring!


  5. What a lovely and inviting place! I can't wait for fall! It is still so hot here. It will be nice to be cozy and warm by the fire when the weather gets chilly!