'Friends Feature Friday' with Kristy from 4theloveofwood

Please welcome todays guest writer for 'Friends Feature Friday' the very talented Kristy from blogpage http://4theloveofwood.blogspot.com/ I am a huge fan of Kristy's & I know you will be totally inspired by her like I am, she is an incredibly talented lady but dont just take my word for it why dont you meet her for yourselves.......

Hello Everyone! I’m Kristy, author of the Canadian based blog *4 the love of

We live on the west coast of Beautiful British Columbia just outside of

It’s great to be invited to share with you all.

My blog is written around all the repurposing I do with real wood furniture
that has been given up on by others.

For my first post and an introduction to what I do I have chosen to share my
most popular project.

Best known as


This solid cedar dresser was an art canvas for someone.

We found it at a yard sale, and if memory serves it was free.

The base of the cabinet was a French Provincial side table.

The dresser was dismantled and used as lumber for the upper cabinet,

and then fasted to the table top.

I used the sides of the dresser for the sides of the upper shelf.

The crown detail is a decorative wall shelf from a home d├ęcor store.

The drawer bottoms were used for the back of the shelving unit.

A vintage tall mirror frame provided the vertical trim up the front edges.

The shelves were trimmed with new moulding stock from the lumber store.

The shelves themselves were built from the drawer backs and stringers.

The stepped block detail shown at the base of the cabinet is another stolen
wood bit from a vintage stereo cabinet.

This French beauty is just the first of several revamps I hope to share and
inspire you with on the 2nd Friday of each coming month.

If you can’t wait that long feel free to stop by my place:

You’ll find some great furniture refinishing tips from around the blogging

which you have the opportunity to contribute to.

A page full of fun furniture revamps in many different colors,

How about touring our home or diving into the tutorials page I have offered.

And the one everyone loves best the BEFORE & AFTER page.

Till next time …..


  1. Ive started following this blog now, lovely items here to, great post x

  2. SUPER, SUPER TRANSFORMATION! AND...thank you so much for coming to visit....yes, a lump in the throat is what I felt too.

    YOU HAVE A great blog here! Anita

  3. Wow! That is an amazing before-and-after! I didn't even realise from the first picture that it was the same piece - just amazing x