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Welcome once again to our Monday Series 'Jo's Fabulous Finds' with my gorgeous friend & talented guest writer Jo Sizer from


It's all white with the best all white kitchens

Nothing is more chic than white interiors, and I've come up with an array of themed white kitchens. From minimal kitchens to country kitchens, here’s how to add personality to all-white.  An all-white kitchen can be brightened up with subtle pops of colour. Crockery and accessories in bold lime green or hot pink will inject some life into the room without spoiling the overall theme.  Love the white shelves, I have some like that in my kitchen and I display my favourite pieces for people to see.

If you want to go all-out with all-white, the minimal look is your best option. Clean and sleek, this kitchen positively glistens, while pink flowers on a table add some character. I love the blue and white stencil for an effective background display of jugs and plates, just brilliant!.  Just goes to show how effective by adding block colours or items sets of the whole theme of the room.  Place some bright pieces of fruit in bowls or arrange them on the work tops so they set of a great contrast.

A piercing shade of lemon is used with restraint on the kitchen stools to bring dazzling sunshine into a room without it hurting the eyes. The combination with white and blonde wood is fresh and clean.  Letting lots of light into the kitchen will bounce off the white interior opening the illusion of space if needed.

Pastel shades of pink and yellow can look modern when used with plenty of crisp white. I wouldn't go too overboard as the simplicity would disappear. Alot of people seem to be going away from cupboard units and are having the freestanding units and centre island with built in storage and drawer space.  I like the idea above of sitting at the worktop space and being able to socialize and eat at the same time. Im a big fan of white and this a great idea.

The white wooden cupboards make it a very modern yet homely kitchen design I feel. If you love cooking and accessories then why not have them out to display with proudness for everyone to see. They'll look gorgeous whatever colour they are against the blank canvas behind.  A bit of your personal character put into your kitchen is what makes it a great place to be in, to be around , and to change around as much as you like.  Maybe one season colour coded and the next with bold patterns and shapes.  The world is your oyster with a white kitchen so enjoy whatever you do with it...and dont forget to love it!!!

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  1. The bottom image is my favourite as it's a homely feel with clean lines, we chose off white for our kitchen as I dont think you can go wrong. x

  2. I totally agreee with Jo about the white kitchens :)I love them and I hope very soon I'll have one

  3. Oooo...those are some fabulous kitchens...a white kitchen is my *DREAM* kitchen! Someday, she will be mine, ALL MINE! (c: Love the ones with splashes of bright color, too!

  4. I love white kitchens...the ones you show are awesome.

  5. Hi! I´ve just discovered your blog and I really like it.
    You never go wrong with white...
    Thanks for sharing!
    I follow

  6. I am a total white kitchen girl...always will be!!!