Monday Series with Jo's Fabulous Finds

Guest post By Joanne Sizer of

                 FULL OF CHARACTER

Oh my days......what I wouldn't give to have a place like this!!!!! Okay, so
maybe this luxury barn is more than anyone should expect, but the owners
have transformed a traditional living space into a dream property with
modern features like a hidden 10ft project screen cinema, central sound
server distributing sound to each room in the home, CCTV security and
recording, fully computerised lighting system with ''mood changing'', secure
remote access to control and monitor the barn from anywhere in the world,
Creston control system, iPod and iTunes integration into the home audio
system and a house ON and OFF feature that allows the owner to turn the
entire house on and off from a single button including the lights, tv's and
other appliances. Just utterly breathtaking.

Just look at this space for the staircases and landing inside.  I'm a great
lover of quality wood finishings and grand stairscases,  what with the open
space inside these converted barns it's so intriguing to see where they go
to, where does it lead?? Very exciting.  I also love the idea of looking
over the banisters to below where the views of either kitchen or sitting
room is taking place.  Space creates calm and personal fulfilment to achieve
the perfect atmosphere and it certainly does in these pictures.  Beams
beams beams they're so beautifully english and cosy!!!  Keep everything
neutral for the effect of further space.  As for the high ceilings and
amzing looking beams, just sit back and enjoy the view....what more can I
The kitchen should be gorgeous when you have space to play with like this.
No expense should be spared on the kitchen, very important to have such
quality looking units and flooring.  I like to see the original wooden beams
in here which sets off the overall look i feel.  Modern stainless steel
appliances and open space as much as possible is a plus point.  Centre
islands and all the very best mods cons you can think of.  Love the charcoal
granite flooring too which blends in so nicely with the granite worktops.
Kitchens are the heart of the home for me, a social, loving, personal space
to share with friends and family.
Whether it be brick, wood, or whatever material you choose to have exterior
to build your home, first appearances do count.

So whether you have the kinda money to build, buy or restore, I definitley
would having the chance to create your own home, your life, your space to
share to own and to create a project that you can be reminded of for many
years to come and something which you can be proud of every day when you
wake up and walk around and say......yes I love my home xxxxx.  If you have
read this and feel the same then you must know what i'm talking about, must
be so satisfying to do and yet so rewarding.  And at the end of the day,
most importantly of all .................look absolutely fabulous !!!


  1. A hi-tech barn! Got to love it! Those beams in the living room are my favourite feature but the whole space is so warm and inviting!

  2. Great adaptation! Very creative interiors... and I like they kept the old charm.

  3. I could do with a barn like that, so much space, could build a bog studio, an open plan living space and keep dreaming...

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