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Make your own Christmas heart decorations-
I have always been a a lover of hearts whatever the season, both woodern hearts & wire hearts, but for the Christmas season hand sewn hearts are ticking all the right boxes for me.

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This cute homemade-style felt heart is a baragin price of £1.99 from Sainsbury’s but if you like to get crafty & make your own then Amazon do these great sewing kits below
Buttonbag Winter Hearts Sewing Kit  £12.05
(I have ordered this kit myself I think it will be a fun thing to do with the kids ill let you know how we get on). There is something very homely about handmade decorations. I am a big fan of the homemade home especially when it comes to christmas.
Product Details

If you are on a tight budget with your decorations this year how about these fabulous Cut-out paper hearts that I found on house to Home. Another great idea to make with the kids (or without) & it wont burn a whole in your pocket either.
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Heres what you will need:

A4 paper, pencil, scissors, hole punch, wool

1) For large hearts, use half a piece of A4. For small hearts, use a quarter. Fold your piece of paper in half, then draw half a heart shape from the fold outwards (so that the fold is 
in the centre of your heart shape). Carefully cut along 
the pencil line. 2) Follow the same technique to cut a smaller heart shape out of the centre of the larger one.
3) Unfold the paper and smooth out the crease.
4) Carefully punch a hole out of the top of your paper heart shape and thread onto a length of wool to create 
a hanging loop.
There you have it your heart shaped decorations.

Next Monday Ill share some Christmas baking. xx

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