Friday Bedroom Inspiration

I saw this gorgeous bedroom & had to share this bit of inspiration. I am completely drawn to the tree trunk posts there's something almost magical feeling about them. They would look perfect in a little girls room with a real woodland fairy theme. I also love the cute seating arrangement at the end of the bed. Happy Friday xxx


  1. Not too sure about this one! The trunks are massive it would be like waking up in a forest :)
    The rest of the room is lovely but im not yet convinced! Happy New Year :) xx

  2. I love this room, Sarah! I always thought of sleeping in the middle of a forest and this one really captures the feeling without the danger of wild animals around. It's a magical room indeed and very inspiring!

    Have a lovely weekend, Sarah!


  3. so cozy this room. love the luggage!

    Happy 2012!!!