Friends Feature Friday

It's the second Friday of December

and I'm supposed to write a post about furniture

when all I can think about is wonderful Christmas decorations,

white tinkle lights, and snuggling with my honey by a fire.

After much consideration and thought

I finally came up with something that just might interest

The color of the season


The first piece I ever did in red was a vintage radio

The hardest part was stripping all the guts out.

The inspiration for this piece was a mirror I had found earlier

that had a gentle white pin stripe.

The next one I had so much fun working on.

The top and sides were made of old plywood and I knew there was

no way to cover vintage plywood graining with paint successfully.

So I had to come up with a way to work with it.

I painted the dresser black before red then sanding it back

till the black came through and highlighted the graining.

The hardware I used were found on a curb side 70's monstrosity of a dresser,

much better on this rustic red barn

More recently I was commissioned to do 2 antique buffets for a pub

Both were painted with ASCP in Emperor's Silk

The first one I nicknamed BIG RED

The second I named MISS CHERRY PIE.

and if these don't get you in the spirit of the season

George and I would like to wish you all a fabulous Holiday Season

from Vancouver Canada and from

Till next year ...

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  1. Love the fantastic makeovers! The red looks stunning!

    Have a joyous holiday season!