Friends Feature Friday

Happy Friday all & I am pleased to welcome the gorgeous Laura from dreamboxinteriordesign. as a new feature writer for 'Friends Feature Friday'. The lovely Laura one of the talented designers from The Moodboard Monday Challenge will be joining me here every month to talk about Colour Psychology. Its an exciting series so Ill leave you in the hands of Laura herself........

                                     Colour Psychology - Blue

Hello my design lovelies, thank you for letting me invade this wonderful blog
for the day and share with you some of my interior design tips.
As an interior designer, colour psychology is one of the main factors we look at
during a client consultation and should be the first thing you think about when
designing your own home. What colours do you love? which colours do you dislike?
How do you want to feel when you enter the room? Every colour can impact your
mood and emotions and this week we are going to start with the colour blue and
how this colour can enhance your home.
Blue calms the mind, represents the ocean and the sky stirring feelings
of tranquility, peace and even security. This would explain why blue is a hugely
popular colour in livings rooms, at the end of a hard day you want to relax in a
calm haven, a place to unwind. This colour can work with any design, if you want
a modern decor then look towards a dark navy or if you are a lover of shabby
chic like I am then you will want a soft feminine blue hue similar to the images
I hope you'll join me next month for our next colour in the colour psychology
Laura @Dream Box Interior Design


  1. i love blue... it makes everything in miami feel cooler... especially during the hot summer months!

  2. gorgeous rooms, so feminine and bright. i really love that shade of blue. happy weekend!