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Hello & welcome to another friday feature guest writer with this weeks monthly columist Laura Adkin from Dreambox Interior Design with colour psychology & this week she brings us yellow

colour psychology - Yellow!

Since the past week has been very cold and gloomy you are in for a visual treat today! There is only one colour that can lift your spirits and inject some sunshine into your life on these rainy April days. This month I am going to look at the colour psychology of yellow.

Cheerful yellow is associated with laughter, happiness and the sunshine. A person surrounded by yellow feels optimistic and energetic because the brain actually releases more seratonin when around this color.

Have you noticed a common theme running through these inspiring images yet? Yellow is the most visible color, it is also the most attention-getting color, So although only used in small details and as an accent colour it is still the most eye catching. For this reason it is also advised that you only use yellow as an accent otherwise the room may become overpowering and can increase negative feelings such as anger.

Tip: It is very clear from these images that yellow and grey are a match made in heaven! They yellow seems to jump out of the grey backgrounds but it is a very sophisticated team. I also love yellow combined with a beautiful blue.

And remember, it's Friday........... Smile.

See you next time.

Laura. x

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