Home Office Inspiration

I desperatley need a proper working space at home, simply sitting at the dining room table doesnt quite cut it for me. I need an inspiring space to help me concentrate. A little corner tucked away somewhere where I can spreed out my moodboards & samples & not have to keep sweeping them up for meal times. A pin board on the wall above my desk with inspirational images of things I like. (You know where I am coming from here)
My own little space, well I am still dreaming this is somwething that needs to be worked on but here's some of my favourites I picked out from house to home.

White home office | Small home office | Classic desk | Image | Housetohome
Decorating with pattern | Home office | Design ideas | Image | Housetohome
Modern studio home office | Home office idea | Home office | Image | Housetohome
Statement home office | Modern home office | Modern desk | Image | Housetohome
Vibrant home office | Colourful home office idea | Home office furniture | Image | Housetohome


  1. I love the second one :) Would be perfect for me

  2. I need my own office space as well I think, somewhere to work and relax! I blog on the sofa at the moment! I love the first space for all the white and beautiful light but that art in the last space is gorgeous! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. The first one is my favourite its a beautiful space but they are all very inspiring. I also do my blogging from the sofa x

  4. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

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