Funky New Salon Opens Its Doors

A new salon with a difference recently came to town as mother & daughter team Debbie & Aimie Lee launched thier hair salon
Debbie who has many years experience as a hairdresser & teacher previously owned a hairdressing salon in Haverhill before turning her hand to teaching hairdressing instead. Now she is amazingly juggling the both as well as running workshops from the salon to help customers look after their hair at home. Debbie takes the time to chat with us & tell us about the new salon & its fabulous workshops.

1/ You teach hairdressing at the school so what made you decide to open another salon along side this job?

Although I do enjoy the teaching, I really missed the Buzz of the salon, so after a long time of thinking and making sure it was really what I wanted I thought it was time to take the plunge and get back into a salon of my own, especially as my daughter Aimee is now fully qualified and has 3 years experience, which means that I can still do part time at the salon and part time at the school while Aimee oversees things while im not there. After all how many other jobs give you job satisfaction 10 times a day. I do count myself very lucky in the fact that i love my job.

2/ Was it being a teacher that has inspired you to run special workshops from the new salon as well,  tell us about these work shops

Im not sure it was the teacher in me that inspired me to do the workshops but it certainly gave me the confidence to stand in front of people and get my point across, especially in a subject in which I am confident and have many years of experience. I have had the workshop idea for some time but never seemed to get round to organising it, but opening the salon was the ideal opportunity to get it off the ground. There will be detailed information on the website soon (this is under construction) but in short there will be 3 different workshops, one will show you how to do your daughter, friends, sisters hair (French plaits, fishtail plaits, using bun rings, hair band plait etc) another on will be how to do your own hair to a professional standard. You will come to the salon with your own hairdryer, brushes and products, we will shampoo your hair and show you how to dry it properly. We will advise you on the equipment you are using (is it the best for the result you want) and the same for the products. This course will run over two weeks, one evening a week for approximately 1 ½ hours each session. The other courses involve party hair and how to look after your men’s hair.

3/ What's on offer at the salon that makes you different

I think the fact that I had a salon before has helped and hopefully i have learned from my mistakes. I am very particular and want the best for the clients that come into the salon. We will soon be stocking kera straight and will be carrying out Brazilian blow dries in the salon, treatment takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on hair length. It is a fantastic treatment the temporarily (between 2 and 4 months) smoothes, conditions and straightens your hair, it is endorsed by Trevor Sorbe and much more detailed information can be found online. We will be carrying out trials of the product in the salon on Monday 7th May for anyone wanting to see the process, feel the difference and generally ask questions. No one else in town carries out this specialist treatment so I am hoping this will set us apart from the rest.

4/ Tell us a little about your teaching at the school what does this involve
Hairdressing at school is a subject that can be chosen at the end of year 9, the students i teach are 14-16 so it is a subject that is studied  for the last 2 years of school. The course is designed to give students a “taste” of what it might be like to pursue a career in Hairdressing. They cover all the basics, shampooing, blow-drying, customer care, reception and styling, we also have members of the public come into the school salon for shampoo and blow-dries, this gives the students a real feel for what it would be like in a real salon. The course really does give the students a head start if they decide to carry on with hairdressing at college full time or within an apprentiship. Many students have finished  the course and are now fully qualified hairdressers, which also gives me a buzz to think i helped them  on their way

5/ what are your plans for the future

As for the future, i hope to build a busy, successful salon with my daughter.

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