Blog Award

A big thank you to one of my bestie bloggers Pen from Rosa Lily who awarded me my blogger award 
           (right back at ya Pen)
Pen has often appeared over here on Finishing Touch Interiors as a guest blogger & I am chuffed to pieces she loves my blog as much as I am a fan of hers.

 Well in the rules of being awarded I have to firstly tell you 7 random things about myself, so here goes.....

1. I am only 5'2 & (1/2) which has earnt me the nickname Polly Pocket 
              (as in the teeny tiny doll)

2. I am a bit of a chatterbox, I got this from my dad so its in my blood sorry... 

3. I drive a red beetle 
       (my fav car in the world, I finally brought 'her' last year)

4. I have become obsessed with Zumba, I used to take dance lessons so this is right up my street!!!!

5. I love horse riding & would buy a horse if I won the lottery

6. I dont like clowns or porcelin dolls they freak me out completely 
        (remember 'IT' the movie & 'chucky').

7. My favourite place is definatley the beach 

Also in the rules I have to award 15 of my favourite blogs 
 (hard when there is so many talented peeps out there...)
My awards to my top blogs ...

Firstly my favourite blogs who have all featured as guest writers on this page.(a big thank you to them for thier support)

Rosa Lily
Mix And Chic
Dreambox ID
hannah's bun's
fishtail cottage

more wonderful blogs to award...

A drop of indigo
Bee Happy
The Design Traveler
Belle Vivir
House of Turquoise
Chocolate Creative
Dear Lilly

and last but not least awarded to a brand new blogger on the block & talented designer (one to watch)

Molly Miller Design

so here's the rules awardies......
1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.


  1. Thank you very much Sarah............. I also hate porcelain dolls :-/

  2. Thanks for your sweet words Sarah xx

  3. Congrats on the award sweetie, well deserved :) thank you so much for nominating me it is so kind of you. I love hearing about other bloggers, I am so nosey!!

    Bee happy x

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for the award. I'm honored and happy. I love your car, it's so cute!

    I did this random list not while ago and I don't want to bored my readers, but I'm very happy you thought about me.

    Cyber hugs,

  5. Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing this award to me! It's great to learn more about you.

    Enjoy your day!