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Heart Garland

You will need:-

*Heart shaped biscuit cutters
*Fabric (vintage fabrics create a wonderful effect)
*Iron-on fabric adhesive
*Bright embroidery thread
*Needle for threading
*Stuffing for hearts
*Gold mini bells (available from craft shops)
*A length of cord
*Pinking shears

1/ Make a heart template by drawing round a biscuit cutter, or draw your heart shape freehand.

2/ Iron the iron-on fabric adhesive onto a square of your chosen fabric.

3/ Using your template, cut out two hearts from the fabric.

4/ Peel off the iron-on adhesive, leaving a sticky residue on the fabric, and stick the two hearts together. Leave a gap for stuffing.

5/ Sew round the edge of the hearts with running stitch using the bright embroidery thread. Leave a gap for stuffing the heart.

6/ Using pinking shears, pink the edges of your fabric.

7/ Iron round the edge of the heart to fuse the glue (still leaving a gap for stuffing)

8/ Stuff your heart. Be careful not to overfill. The desired effect is padded, rather than overstuffed.

9/ Sew up the gap neatly to finish off the heart.

10/ Thread wire through the top of the heart, twisting to secure. Twist a loop in the wire so it will hang on the cord.

11/ Repeat until you have your desired number of hearts.

12/ Twist up little bunches of the golden bells on wire. Twist a loop in the wire for hanging onto the cord.

13/ Take your piece of cord and glue one of the ends so that it doesn't fray when threading. Tie a loop in the other end for hanging.

14/ Thread the stuffed hearts alternately onto the cord, knotting them into place to secure, then tie a loop in other end of the cord. Now you garland is ready to hang.

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