Private Island Paradise


Well with all the excitement with this weeks Euro millions winner in our little old town

(A whopping £148 million to be precise)

the general chatter has been on what the couple could possibly spend it on.

Well for starters they can join the ranks of such celebrity's as Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts & Leonardo DiCaprio, who are all the proud owners of private islands.  For a mere $29,500,000, Mr & Mrs Bayford can purchase this little island known as Little Bokelia Island which is just off the coast of Florida

Private island for sale in Bokeelia, Fla.

The $29.5 million price tag will buy them an amazing list of amenities: a pool, a tennis court, pristine beaches, lagoons and nature trails, all spread over more than 100 acres. Lets take a nose round this stunning island...

Living Room
Dining Room
Living Room
Outdoor Dining
Aerial View

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