1920s style

I have been watching Broadwalk Empire with my partner recently & if any of you have seen it you will know its set in the 1920's a time when both fashion & interiors went through some major changes. Seeing the costumes & sets has really got me thinking about this period in time & how it impacts us today. The roaring 20s saw the new trends of both Art Noveau & Art Deco influence strongely in interior decor. Interiors really became quite the fashion statement & bathrooms in particular went from being purely just functional to a more brightened space with the use of vibrant colours. Art Deco style features simplicity, symmetry and repetition instead of the traditional styling of floral designs and chintzy fabrics.

Below is an Art Deco bathroom designed by Adrienne Chinn . This bathroom was part of a re-design for a flat in London which had this origional art deco bathroom still in situ. The walls were clad in original glass tiles which were preserved

The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco epitomizes 1920s design. Check out the stunning dinning room.

It certainly feels glamourous

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