Colour Inspiration

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Lets look at some cool neutral tones today.

Understated cool greys like in this image to the left, work well teamed with many tones from other colour pallettes like they do here with mustard yellow.

But they also work well alongside pinks & corals or even teal. Choose a cool grey colour pallette for a backdrop to give an up to date look then add in deeper shades of greys & pops of brighter colours. Deeper shades such as clays & slates give depth to warmer shades of neutrals & create a chic contemporary feel.

Below cool neutral tones look stuning with some statement chairs in a darker shade of slate thats picked out in a piece of absract art. A very cool & chic space.

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Warm earthy tones teamed with both charcoal grey & cream shades create's  a comfortable, cozy look when mixed with layered textures.

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