January Blues

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Ill be honest I'm not a fan of January along with many people. I guess its hugely due to all the build up & excited of Christmas one of my favourite times of the year then followed by a lull of things to look forward to. Its just so dreary due to the cold weather, an empty purse & what is always a quiet period at work. If I could I would hibenate for the whole month under a big fluffy blanket, dreaming of that open fireplace & avoiding venturing out into the cold. Unfortunatley life doesnt permit me the chance to do this. Although quite frankly its nice to have a slightly slower pace at work to give me time to reflect on new ideas & forcast my plans for the year ahead both workwise & personally. Im not really one to make new years resolutions as such but I like to set myself new goals. This year I am doing a triathalon so a new training regime has begun. I already run a lot & have started spinning classes so now its time to build up the anti with swimming & boxing. I am looking forward to some variety in my training & pushing myself harder.Pinned Image
 Workwise I have a lot of ideas in the pipeline & I am excited to see how things will pan out, I am enjoying having the time to plan new things (so watch this space).
 I have to say though, January this year for me isnt quite as dreary as normal as I have a holiday to The Dominican to look forward to. We didnt go away last year so its long over due & its great to have something to look forward to that can blast away the January blues. Its certainly a great insentive to kickstart the training too, knowing im going to be wearing a bikini just 5 weeks from now. Its certainly got me off that sofa & straight into things.
To be honest for the next few weeks I am looking forward to spending the time reading some of the new books I got for christmas & watching some DVD box sets. Its nice to get some chillax time. Sometimes I find it hard to have time to read & it takes me a while to get through a book. One book I cant wait to get into is not some romantic noval but a craft book by Channel Fours Kirstie Allsopp.Kirstie Allsopp Craft
I already have her book 'Kirsties Homemade Home' which is packed full of great ideas & tutorials, so I cant wait to get started on some craft projects from her newest book 'Kirstie Allsopp Craft'. So the next few quieter weeks of January will be devoted to some crafting time. I love to make things so I am going to have a bit of me time making & sewing.
I also got the new Holly Becker book 'Decorate Workshop' book to get my teeth into. So time to get stuck in & ill be getting back to you with some book reviews & tutorials shortly. I also have some great interviews coming up with some fabulous bathroom & kitchen designers who will be popping in to share thier wisdom with you. I also have some great work projects to share with you too. So until next time xxxxx 


  1. I'm not so sure your January will be as quiet as you think. It seems to me you have many things spinning around in your head!! I do agree however that it will be fun to have time to read and do crafting --- but best of all go to the beach. Enjoy!!
    Missy M

  2. your probably right things never quite go quiet. I have a lot of plans to organise including another pink rose tea party to plan for breast cancer