Utility room

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If there is one room I could do with in my home its a utility/laundry room. There is nothing worse than laundry hanging around the house drying. The ironing basket that seems to be continuously over spilling is another pet hate but a little space to hide this all away would be a god send to me. I try my hardest to keep on top of ironing but working the hours I do doesn't make this an easy task. So yes on my 'WANT' list for a new house a utility room is way up high. 

Lets be honest it would also be good to get the washing machine out of the main kitchen space too. I'm not a fan of bulky appliances on show, I prefer them hidden behind doors leaving the kitchen looking smoother & more appealing on the eye. I don't have a tumble dryer we don't have the space in our kitchen but I've always thought it would be handy when its too cold & wet outside to hang the washing to dry & not cold enough inside to have the radiators blaring out to dry things through. A laundry space is most certainly needed or me.

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  1. I really need a laundry room too. Right now I had to convert a bedroom into one :) I need more space