Getting the rooms ready for guests and visitors this Christmas.

Having extra guests this Christmas?

Soon it will be time to get organising the extra blankets and towels ready for visitors and the odd unexpected guests, always better to be ready and organised just in case, you never know.

Create a relaxing and welcoming ambiance, soft fresh linen with added soft textiles.  Low lights and neatly placed accessories.  A sense of being comfortable and cosy, warm and content over the Xmas holiday is a great comfort when arriving at family and friends homes. There really isn't anything better than knowing that everything is literally at hands reach and being surrounded by seasonal interiors.

Bathrooms will be in great demand over the Christmas period especially if your having to wait to use it.  Make it a place to provide everything your guests needs without them having to ask.  A bathroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind so put extra towels out, some sprays and soaps to choose from and always make sure there is enough of everything. 
Make those bathroom tiles sparkle and glass shine, the neater the better and add an atomiser for a fresh smell every time someone walks in, it's a definite item that I always use because you always remember that aroma it brings to your senses when entering any room.


Those finishing Touches...
If you have time to add extra special little items around the place to personalise your touch then whatever your theme, colour or creation you have thought of, go ahead and add them, it's what Christmas is all about xxx Enjoy making your home that little bit extra wonderful with those Finishing Touches!!

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