Planning a teenage boys room

With a house move on the horizon this year my head is buzzing with ideas for a new home. The one room that does need some serious brainstorming is that for my teenage son. You see it's easy to put my own taste into every other room in the house but its hard to get the balance right sometimes for a teenager, especially a boy. You don't want it to be childish but exactly how grown up do you dare go with your decor, its a fine line that's for sure.

 It's got to be a cool & funky space that's comfortable & practical too. Storage is a key element whatever a child's age with toys, computer games, books etc to hide away & let's face it teenagers are renowned for not being good at keeping their rooms tidy. 

My son like most teenage boys these days has constantly got his head tuned into his computer so a desk is essential for both fun & study. Pin a large map above your study area for educational purposes this also makes a great feature. 

I think you definitely have to brave colour with a teenager. Monochrome schemes are really on trend this year but shut not add some bursts of bright colour to brighten it up & give it some personality. Paint a feature wall in a bold colour & add in the occasional accessories in the same colour. 
Bring in influences of what your teenager likes, say he likes to skateboard how about using an old skateboard on the wall as a shelf. If they are musical how about hanging a guitar on the wall as a display.

If you have the space  to incorporate a games area even better. There's many games tables that are a snooker table, come table tennis table come air hockey table. But really wouldn't it be even better to have the luxury of a games room? Depending on where I end up moving too who knows maybe a spare bedroom can be turned into a games room for my son! 

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