Hello Everyone! It is my pleasure to be here today and chat with you about some simple steps you can take to renovate your bathroom. Hope you can use these tips to make your bathrooms more welcoming and functional.

6 Simple Steps to Redo Your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is not something to be attempted lightly, entailing a great deal of careful work, heavy lifting and precise measurement to get it looking fabulous! Before you begin the process of stripping out your current fittings and fixtures, make sure that you have everything you need to complete the job, or at least, have a functional bathroom for family members to use!


   Bathroom Furniture

Choose a bathroom suite that will fit comfortably into both your budget and your bathroom! The problem with viewing furniture in enormous warehouse-sized stores is that things tend to look smaller than they really are, and it is only when you get them home that you realize that they are far too big for the room in which you planned to install them! Take careful measurements of the available space, and do not buy anything without carefully checking all the dimensions.

1    Floor

Once you have stripped out the old bathroom suite and have an empty space it is the perfect time to lay down a new floor, and even include some underfloor heating elements to give your bathroom a sumptuous edge, especially in the middle of winter! Choose the floor tiles or covering from My Bathrooms with care; paying attention to the aesthetics, the durability and the ease of cleaning.

1  Shower

A shower used to be a fairly rare and luxurious inclusion in the bathroom, but nowadays, we all live such busy lives that being able to take a quick shower when necessary has become a vital part of life. If you cannot squeeze a separate shower stall into your bathroom, opt for a power-shower, mounted over your bath tub. This will allow you to choose between soaking in a leisurely bath and having a quick, energizing shower while not using up any extra floor space. If you have enough space in your bathroom go for a separate shower.

1     Cabinetry

Once all the plumbing is complete you can look at the remaining available space in the room, with a view to fitting in some storage options. Freestanding cabinets and vanities are great for bathrooms that are lacking in wall-space, but if you choose to have shelves and cupboards custom designed and fitted to your needs go for Custom Cupboards, they will be able to create an astonishing amount of storage even as you streamline the appearance of the room.

1    Walls and Accessories

Finalize your bathroom d├ęcor with a neat and attractive color scheme and some elegant bathroom accessories in harmonizing shades. Try to match your colors as precisely as possible as even slight mismatches can disrupt the appearance of your new bathroom’s color scheme, making it seem poorly decorated.

1 Finishing Touch of Luxury

For a signature statement (and to make those long leisurely baths even nicer!) why not install something hedonistic and decadent, like a bathroom television? These televisions are designed to be used in a bathroom environment and will allow you to keep up with the news (or your soaps?) and enjoy a soapy splash about at the same time!

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