Happy New Year

Well 2010 is drawing to a close and what a fantastic year it has been. Everything has totally come together for me, I am so very happy. What has 2011 got in store for me, well hopefully the business will go from strength to strength there is some exciting new ventures in the pipeline. Also there is the big move in with Neil while we look for a new family home together. There will also be much more blogging, my new found hobby. I've really enjoyed some fantastic blogs.  There is some very talented people sharing their fantastic ideas, so thank you. My favourite blog has been Erin's over at the Smallest Sparrow, a very talented lady. She has some fabulous craft ideas and shares many tutorials, Please take the time to view her blog. http://thesmallestsparrow.blogspot.com/

Im also really enjoying desire*design*delight by Allie in washington, I am also following her profile on Olioboard. Her blog page is full of some wonderful ideas from interiors to high fashion. http://desire*design*delight.blogspot.com/


  1. Hey! Thanks for the plug! You are so good to me! Love your blog as well.

  2. BTW - my blog address is www.smallestsparrow.blogspot.com. I tried to get "thesmallestsparrow" but it was already taken. Thanks again Sarah!