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Its been a fantastic Christmas, I have really enjoyed spending some quality time with family and friends especially as it has been such a busy few months what with starting the business, So its been hard to find time to relax and finally having chill out time has been bliss. I started decorating the house though yesterday with a fresh lick of paint ready for me to put my house on the market in the next few weeks. Its scary and exciting as I have lived here for over 10 years and I am making the big step of moving in with my partner Neil. My house is to small as we have 3 children between us so we need something bigger. We decided to sell my place first and move into his for 6 months or so why we look for something new and then try and sell his house. Its going to be a hectic year once again but will all be be worth it.

Well anyway less about me and more about some lovely finds, Kellie over at   has these beautiful Samantha Robinson tea cups and tea pots as well as watermelon bowls now available instore. I love the bright coloured patterns especially the orange. Id quite like a few of these tea cups in my cupboard and think I may be doing some online ordering very soon.

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