I HEART Christmas

Our very naughty dog Daisy last night decided to help herself to a few chocolates out of my son's advent calender. Lets say he wasn't very impressed with her. It has been an eventful week all in all. the most soul destroying event was managing to set light to my new winter coat after leaving it too close to the gas heater at work. (Yes I was THAT stupid). It just went up in smoke I could have cried! Lets hope Santa will bring me a new one, I have been a very good girl this year I promise.

                 Well with 22 days to go this weekend I will be putting the decorations up and hopefully making some more, inspired by so many wonderful blog ideas. Thought I would share today some I have found courtesy of amazon and Ebay and since I heart Christmas so much, hearts are my theme for today. Hope you like, have a good weekend all!